The origines of the varieties malinoises (short hair) and laekenoises (hard hair)
sheepdogs are overlapping.

Jean-Baptiste JANSSEN, sheperd at the castle of Laeken produced dogs
characterized by right, quite triangular and high placed ears.
The alliance from VOS 1 and LIESKE genereted short hairs and hard hairs:
the variety with hard hair, dry, slightly dishevelled, approximately 2,5 inch length,
is characterized by its close face with only trimmings and goatees.

In Holland the laekenois will be successfull with the breedings
"van Elina's Home" and "van de Middachten".

In 1965, Emile Charneau introduces the laekenois in France,
importing CHARLES WINSTON van Elina's Home, then,
the breeding of the "Orchidée Noire" succeeds to him: UNDINE de la Blaise
with a little too long, bristled and dishevelled hair, was married with the
champion GASTON van de Middachten.

From this alliance go down our actuel belgian sheepdogs laekenois...

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